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Prithviraj Chouhan Etihasik evam Sanskratik Shodh Kendra Peeth

Ajmer has its historical significance since the prehistoric age. During 6th or 7thcentury B.C.  the Chauhan Rajputs  occupied the region and founded the Chauhan empire. The great ruler Prithviraj Chauhan the ruler of Ajmer and Delhi also has great significance. Ajaypal was the founder of Ajaimeru or Ajmer. Due to not only religious or cultural importance of the province but due to the strategic importance of the regions Ajmer was remain centre of political and diplomatic activities of various rulers. The Turks, the Mugals, the Marathas and the British occupied Ajmer. Similarly Ajmer changed hands among the rulers of Rajputana   and the Marwar and Mewar. In 1956 the Ajmer Mewara state was integrated with the  state of Rajasthan.

MDS University Ajmer established the Shodh Kendra in 1997. The objective mainly is to study and research the history and culture of Rajasthan particularly. To achieve  the objective the Shodh Kendra is expected to work on the following targets-

  1.  Survey of Rajasthan for its socio-culture heritage.
  2. Collect original sources for achieving and preserving them as photocopies at the centre.
  3. Conduct Research to establish facts in the history of Rajasthan.
  4. Organize seminars, conferences, workshops and training  on historical and cultural history of heritage rich Rajasthan and publish research journal
  5. Publish material related to the history of Rajathan


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