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Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University,Ajmer
Shardhanand Shikshak Atithi Grah
(The University Guest House)

Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University is having a University Guest House in the foots of Aravali Hills in a healthy environmental and pollution free area, which makes the stay of the Academicians, scholars and other persons visiting the university comfortable and joyful. It was built during the tennure of Dr. P.L.Chaturvedi, Ex Vice Chancellor of this University and was inaugurated by Honble His Excellency Shri Bali Ram Bhagat, Governor of Rajasthan and Chancellor of this University on 13th Oct 1996. The main building besides Dormitory and Dinning hall has 16 rooms , 1 AC Special Suite and and 3 AC VIP suite. The University Grants Commission has given assistance on building this Guest House, it is situated on the Pushkar By Pass Road, near Jaipur - Ajmer National Highway No.8. Jodhpur stone has been used in this building with traditional Rajasthan out - look similar to the buildings erected in main University Campus. It has an inner court yard with green lawn where guests may enjoy the winter sun-shine or relax during the warm summer evenings. Round the clock services are provided by the Guest House.



Download Guest House Booking Form (Requisition for Booking of Accommodation)

Guest House Land line no. 0145-2970602 E-Mail ID :- mdsuguesthouse@gmail.com

Note:- Guests are requested to carry an I.D.Proof of themselves & if accompanying persons if any and attach a copy of it along with the Guest House Booking Form.

Rules Governing the Use of the Guest House


The following category of visitors will be eligible for availing the accommodation in the Guest house :-

  1. Members of the Board of Management, Academic Council, Faculty Members, Board of Studies and other Statutory Bodies, Selection Committees etc. of the Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University
  2. Members of the staff of the M.D.S. University, Ajmer and their families on arrival to join duty in the University for a stipulated period of time.
  3. Members of the Teaching Staff of the affiliated colleges coming to Ajmer on University/Official business on production of a letter from concerned college/University mentioning duties which he/she has to perform.
  4. Visiting professors and persons invited by the University to deliver lectures in the University or to work as teaching staff of the University for a short period or who comes in connection with remunerative work of the University Examinations for Ph.D. Viva.
  5. Officers and teachers of other Universities Colleges as well as those of National Bodies like UGC etc.
  6. Guests of the teachers, officers, employees of the M.D.S. University, Ajmer and Retired employee of the M.D.S. University, Ajmer subject to the approval of Registrar/Guest House Professor - In charge.
  7. The Guest House is essentially an University oriented facility and not a public hotel/commercial undertaking and hence is not meant for general public unless otherwise allowed by the Registrar or any other officer authorized by the Vice Chancellor.
  8. Teacher/Visiting fellows/project Assistants and visitors related to the Research Project (s)
  9. Officers of the Government Semi-Government Department and Local Bodies, Provided they are invited and/or permitted to stay by the M.D.S. University, Ajmer
  10. Persons/parties specially permitted by the Vice Chancellor to stay in the Guest House.


The following rates for various types of available rooms according to the specified categories are as follows:

Types of Accommodation and Room Charges:

Types of Accommodation

Category ‘A’ (Invited by University)

Category ‘B’ (Not Invited by University)

1. Ac Special VVIP Suite

( Room no. 5)

Permission by Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor

(Rates as below)

Permission by Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor

(Rates as below)

2. AC Suite

300/- per person

400/- per person

3. A.C.

Double Bedded Room

150/- per person

300/- per person

10% Service Charges will be applicable on total bill as per University Rules.

Categories of Guest:



Cat ‘A’

Person invited by MDSU/Coming for university purpose duly authorized by Registrar/HOD/Director or OIC (as per University guest house rules)

Cat ‘B’

Personal visit (as per University guest house rules )

Service Charges: 10% will be levied on total bill for Guest under All Category.

Drivers: Driver accompanying the Guest Cat ‘A’ and ‘B’ will be provided dormitory – No Charges.

Collection of Charges:. Guests are required to clear the Bills at the time of ‘Check-out”.


  1. For Block Booking i.e. for conference/short term courses etc. 50% payment to be made at least two weeks in advance.
  2. Charges for one day shall be levied if rooms are not occupied/remains unutilized after booking.
  3. AC Suite will be provided to Guests with permission of competent authority.
  4. Normally a booking in the Guest house can be made for a period of 3 Days which can be extended up to a maximum period of 7 and beyond that period with the approval of the competent authority.
  5. The management of the Guest House may at its discretion, cancel a booking or offer another type of accommodation e.g. a bed or twin sharing basis instead of a full room, depending on availability of accommodation.
  6. Guest are advised not to leave valuables in the room while they are away. The Guest house is not responsible for loss, theft or damage of articles belonging to the guests.
  7. Check out timings 24 hrs.
  8. Rates and Rules are subject to revision from time to time as per the recommendation of the Guest House Advisory Committee and approval of the University
  9. Guest house accommodation will not be rented for marriage parties except in the case of University employees family i.e. his/her sons/daughters marriage only to the extent of three rooms and these three rooms are only for staying purpose and subject to the availability of rooms.
  10. Marriage ceremony bands, noise, musical instruments, loud speakers etc. will not be allowed in the Guest House Premises.
  11. The Managers/Offices incharge Guest House duty in the guest house is from 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. In times of any emergency he is available to settle down the matters of the guest house.
  12. The Manager is empowered to correct the bills, if any, prepared by the counter clerk of the guest house by mistake/oversight.
  13. The Guest House cannot be used for Birthday Parties.
  14. The Guest House is not for use by the Students of the University.
  15. All Booking forms must be duly forwarded by the Officer Incharge of the Guest House.


Telephonic/verbal bookings may not be taken as confirmed. A reservation would be confirmed on condition of following formalities in advance :-

  1. All requests for reservation should be sent in writing well in advance giving the details as mentioned below (Reservation Form is available on website and at Guest House also:-
  2. Name and Designation of the Guest.
  3. Purpose of visit
  4. Date and time of his/her arrival and departure.
  5. Order for first Lunch/Dinner of the Guest.
  6. Clear instructions with regard to preparation and payment of the bill.
  7. One days room rent in advance with the application for reservation. The advance is not refundable.
  8. The advance may be refunded if the cancellation of reservation is received before 48 hours in writing. The Guest House authorities have the right to cancel any reservation as per exigency of the University without assigning any reason.
  9. No credit will ordinarily be allowed. The credit will only be allowed if the request/requisition is routed through the Finance officer, M.D.S.University, Ajmer who will issue a credit note indicating the budget head etc. for adjustment/payment of bills etc to the concerned department/institution.
  10. Such credit bills should be paid within 15 days of the receipt of the bills failing which no booking of that department/unit will be entertained in future till the previous bills are cleared.

The guest house management has the right to cancel any reservation as per exigencies of the University with or without assigning any reason in advance.


Ordinarily a guest would be allowed to stay for seven days except in the case of members of the staff of the university arriving to join his duties. In such cases he, she may be allowed to stay for a longer period subject to the availability of the accommodation. This shall not exceed one month unless so allowed by the Vice Chancellor.


  1. Catering is confined only
    • To the persons occupying the Guest House Rooms.
    • University Bodies/Departments who book in advance, for Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner within the Guest House premises and its boundaries only.
    • No other person/persons will be entitled for catering services in the Guest House.
    • The employees of the University, however, may be provided catering service on the basis of written requisition in advance with prior approval of the Guest House authorities on cash payment. Such parties as include students will not be catered to by the Guest House.
  2. The amount calculated according to the menu given must be deposited in full in advance with the requisition letter (mentioning Guaranteed & Maximum numbers of persons) The advance deposited against order will not be refunded in any case.
  3. 25% extra will be charged on market purchases served in the Guest House.
  4. No outside catering will be permitted.
  5. The Guest House will entertain and cater to one party only at a time for lunch or dinner.

As a special case with prior permission of V.C. if only Space (Garden, Dinning Hall) is provided Rs.5000/- + 10 % will be charged per day + Electricity charges. Tandoor will not be placed in Garden Area.


  1. Children upto the age of 5 years accompanying the guests staying in the Guest House will not be charged for Lunch/Dinner.
  2. Meals will be served on advance order during the following hours :-
    • Bed Tea 6.00 AM to 7.00 AM
    • Breakfast 7.30 AM to 9.00 AM
    • Lunch 12.30 PM to 1.30 PM
    • Dinner 7.00 PM to 8.00 PM
  3. Order for Lunch and Dinner may be made at Breakfast time.
  4. Catering services will not be provided between 2.00 PM to 4.00 PM and after 9.30 PM
  5. Catering items and eatables are not permitted from outside in the Guest House.
  6. Alcoholic Drinks, wine, intoxicants are strictly prohibited in the Guest House.
  7. All meals will normally be served in the Dinning Hall except Bed Tea.
  8. All requests for catering must be made separately & in writing in the form for Booking Meals in the Guest House & submitted to the contractor well in advance. Contractor Phone no. are 9887417398,9929371468,7891910910.


  1. 10% Service charges will be levied on the total bills/cost memo exceeding Rs. 5/- 10% of the total service charges will be deposited in the University Account and rest 90% of the service charges will be distributed amongst the staff members of the Guest House. Manager Guest House and Representative of the staff will decide ratio regarding distribution of service charges.
  2. All bills must be paid at the counter at the time of its presentation.
  3. Guests are requested to obtain an official receipt on bill from the counter for the payment made by them.
  4. Persons staying in the Guest House will not be allowed to accommodate their own guests in their rooms without permission and information of the Guest House.
  5. Guest House authorities may, if feel necessary permit another guest to share the accommodation in the room (s) already occupied by a guest (s).
  6. In case of any damages by a person using the Guest House will have to make the payments for the damages caused to goods, building, furniture, equipment etc. of the guest house before departure.
  7. All types of correspondence may be made in the name of the Registrar/Officer Incharge/Manager Guest House.
  8. Facilities provided in the Guest House are available only to the inmates of the Guest House and not to outsiders.
  9. The Guests will be required to fill the required entries in the visitors register, kept on the counter, before occupying the room.
  10. Right of Admission of any kind is reserved with the Vice Chancellor/Officer in charge and Manager of the Guest House.
  11. Amendments, additions and alterations to these rules may be made from time to time as and when necessary.
  12. Only the residents of the Guest House and the University employees will be allowed to use the phone in the Guest House and they are required to fill entries in the telephone register kept for this purpose.
  13. For official Guests of the University, prior approval of the Registrar is to be obtained regarding Room and Food charges etc. and should be communicated to guest house in writing.
  14. Rates for different menu items for Lunch/Dinner which is not in menu will be decided by the officer in charge/Manger.
  15. All food items and facilities are subject to the availability.
  16. Members of the selection committees shall not be required to pay any Room Rent, if they are treated as University Guests by authorities.
  17. No room and facilities of the guest house will be given free of cost. However, the administration can decided to treat the guest as University Guests and the dues/amount will be received from the University Administration budget and will be deposited in University Guest House Income.
  • Facilities provided in the guest house are available to the guests staying in the Guest House and not to outsiders.
  • Use of alcohol, wine intoxicants etc. is strictly prohibited in the Guest House rooms, dinning hall and the premises.
  • Guests shall not be allowed to carry/bring with them any weapon armory, ammunition etc, if any should invariable be deposited with the counter clerk receipt obtained and taken back at the time of leaving the guest house.
  • Guests are advised in their own interest not to keep amount of cash, jewellery and valuables in their rooms. The Guest House Management shall not be responsible for any loss, theft or burglary.
  • The Chief Proctor is responsible for the security of the Guest House.
  • The Guest House rules are self explanatory and are to be strictly followed by one and all without any discrimination, These rules are subject to amendment/changes, from time to time, with or without notice, as the circumstances warrant. In case of any dispute in rules, the interpretation of them and the decision of the Officer Incharge/Manager Guest House will be final and binding.
  • Legal jurisdiction in matters of litigation shall be at Ajmer.
  • All Letters to be addressed to Registrar/Officer Incharge/Manager(Guest House, Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University,Pushkar Bye Pass, Ajmer 305 009
Pushkar By-Pass Road,
Rajasthan 305009
Phone: 0145 278 7056
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