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The Importance of Intellectual property (IP) in India is well established at all level- statutory, administrative and judicial. India ratified the agreement establishing the World Trade Organisation (WTO). This Agreement, inter-alia, contains an Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) which came into force from 1stJanuary 1995. It lays down minimum standards for protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in member countries which are required to promote effective and adequate protection of intellectual property rights with a view to reducing distortions of and impediments to international trade.

Intellectual property (IP) encompasses the expression of ideas, information and knowledge. IP includes not only discoveries and inventions but also music, literature and other artistic works, as well as words, phrases, symbols and designs.

Intellectual property (IP) refers to various distinct types of creations of the mind : Invention, Literary and artistic works and symbols, names, images and designs . for which a set of exclusive rights like copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights, Integrated circuit layout, GeographicalIndicators and trade secrets are recognized under the corresponding fields of law.



Training, Awareness and Motivation


  • To create awareness about IPR within the faculty members and students of the University.
  • To impart training on future endeavors regarding patent filing processes.
  • To conduct professional workshops, seminars and training courses on IPR.
  • To motivate innovators come with new ideas and help them to protect the innovation.
  • To create an opportunity for Product development and Commercialization.

Prof. Neeraj Bhargava

In-Charge, IPR Cell

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