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Vision and Mission


The MaharshiDayanandSaraswati University aspires for an enlightened India by impartingholistic education. To achieve this pristine goal it envisions:

  • Breaking the shackles of the present teaching system, where different departments virtuallyserve as separate compartments without any cross flow of information and thus making studentslearn science and technology and simultaneously be able to dig deeper in the mental realms ofexistence to earn themselves a more or less stress free term of life on this planet. Similarly anexposure of science to students of other subjects will make them more pragmatic and analyticalin approach to the life and its problems.
  • Imparting diversity, specialty and specialization of subjects as per the requirements of today’stechnology driven enterprises as we understand that the civilizations move on the wheels oftechnology.
  • Fulfilling entire learning requirements of the society- our symbiotic partner, by making intensiveand visible efforts to sensitize the society through students towards the issues of socialdiscontent and injustice and work for a peaceful, dynamic and forward moving society.
  • Reducing social marginalization by generating self-esteem and sense of participation amongst thedowntrodden.
  • Bringing together, India as well as its Diaspora by fulfilling their cultural and religious needs tomake them emotionally one entity.
  • Creating new opportunities for the youth by imparting them the knowledge of the language,culture, believes, religion and rituals of neighboring countries and the countries with IndianDiaspora. This in turn will enhance business opportunities and exchange of ideas and createsocio-cultural bonhomie for a progressive and peaceful humanity.

To contribute to the super ordinate goal of nation building through realization of civilizationalroles and civilizational goals in a global setting by creating and managing knowledge for socialevolution, by inculcating values among youth and creating a climate of innovation and learningaddressed to all segments of society.


To accomplish its vision, the University has set following objectives:

  • Imparting education in various branches of learning
  • For the advancement of learning, undertake research in various branches of learning.
  • Undertake extension education programs
  • Train college teachers to up-date their knowledge (Reinvigorate the teachers and teaching)
  • Organize specially designed orientation programs in teaching methodologies and pedagogy
  • Undertake updating and modernizing curricula and examination system, and
  • Take up such other work or activity or project as the University may deem proper to undertake inorder to achieve its objectives


Pushkar By-Pass Road,
Rajasthan 305009
Phone: 0145 278 7056
Nodal Officer: Dr. Vinod Kumar Jain, ACP | acp@mdsuajmer.ac.in
HelpLine: 18001806402 (TollFree)
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